Python library for analyzing Go binaries

PyGoRE is a simple to use Python library for analyzing Go binaries compiled with Go compiler.

How to use

  1. Use pip install pygore to download and install the library.
  2. Import it into your project.
  3. Write a new cool tool.

Sample code

import pygore

testfile = '/path/to/go/binary/file'

f = pygore.GoFile(testfile)
c = f.get_compiler_version()

print('Compiler: {}\nTimestamp: {}\nSHA {}\n'.
      format(, c.timestamp, c.sha))

pkgs = f.get_packages()
types = f.get_types()
for p in pkgs:
    print('Package: {}'.format(
    for f in p.functions:
        print('{} from {} to {}'.format(, hex(f.offset), hex(f.end)))
    for m in p.methods:
        print('{} {} from {} to {}'.format(m.receiver,,
                                           hex(m.offset), hex(m.end)))
    for t in types:
        print('Package path: {} | Type name: {}'.format(t.packagePath,